TAIE Policies and Forms

A comprehensive repository of TAIE policies and forms can be found in this section.  TAIE is an Equal Opportunity organisation and encourages people with a disability to access government funded subsidised training.  TAIE is an approved Skills First provider. Please Contact Us us to determine if your individual circumstances meet the Skills First Eligibility Criteria.


Other Information

Policy information

The Academy of International Education (Australia) – TAIE – is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

Accordingly, we have policies and procedures for our ongoing compliance with regulatory requirements.  Some of the key policies and procedures are provided here for current and prospective student’s immediate reference.  Policies and procedures on this website are for the explicit use of staff and current and prospective students of TAIE.  Any unauthorised copying is strictly prohibited unless approved in writing by the Principal Executive Officer (PEO) of TAIE.  As such, TAIE reserves the right to pursue the matter, and claim damages, upon discovery that our information has been utilised by third person(s) or organisation(s) without the written permission of the PEO of TAIE.